A Love vast, impersonal, omnipuissant penetrates all life on earth, and by its subtle penetrating rays increases light and power of the psychic elements in people and where there is a psychic being a little crystallized the penetrating rays of the Divine Love increase enormously the light and the divine consciousness and power in their inner being. On the other hand the quite powerful rays burn, expose and destroy all which is dark, violent, cruel, unconscious in man. In beings who have a crystallized well-developed psychic being, these rays provoke an immense tension between the increasing inner light and the outer being who refuses to follow the divine inner light. This powerful infinite Love in time would oblige all thinking men on earth to take the road of the ascent towards a new luminous superior race and those who cannot follow the ascending movement will slowly lose the corrupt mental faculty and become a new race more like the domestic animals. The creative Divine Mother is preparing a small number of souls who are completely surrendered to Her in love and joy to manifest Her omnipuissant Love. So She will create islands of Light in the world here and there around these chosen instruments. In time these centers of Light would exist almost in all the countries on a considerably regenerated earth. At the moment there could be a dozen souls who are sufficiently evolved to manifest this victorious Divine Love. The old world is disappearing, dying irrevocably and the new luminous world is not yet visible for everybody. Then there is no reason to be upset by all that is happening now in the chaotic human society.
The creative Divine Mother is sweeping the garbage of the world to reveal bit by bit this new magnificent creation which far exceeds the most fantastic imagination of the man. It is the dust which covers the earth as thick clouds. Let us wait a little and this thick dust would be blown away by the Grace revealing the new creation.
Let us give ourselves freely to the Divine Mother with love and confidence, so we would be able to feel, witness Her supremely benevolent creative action.
Really, there is no death for anybody. The body disappears but our immortal soul always returns in another body in a new decor. We are all travellers on the eternal road which always rises towards the Magnificence of infinite God. We are all an immortal fragment of a brilliant, supremely auspicious golden sun, our unique, infinite Origin, our Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved and Lover, our Guide and infallible Defender.
To become conscious of our immortal soul and create the new earth of peace, divine love and harmony, this is our highest destiny.

Om Douce Mère saranam mama Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama


Niranjan Guha Roy 2004