The inner soul and the physical body

Man is the leader of evolution. on earth, so it seems. But his life is extremely vulnerable as at any moment his life can be cut short by a fatal disease or a sudden accident. Even in course of his normal life he is constantly faced with death, disease and accidents all around him. Read more

The Silence

The Mother in the heart of Silence

Knowledge starts in manifestation. There is no need of any knowledge whatsoever in the eternal silence. The form is also ephemeral. There is no finality about it. Silence is the final thing.Read more

All is moved by the eternal Will

This wonderful, appalling, beautiful world is the self-manifestation of the Supreme Godhead present openly or hidden in every particle. All is moved by His eternal, inviolable Will, in each being, thing, force and energy.Read more

The Divine Play

For an united, happy and harmonious community it is necessary to have an understanding kindness without limit. It is necessary at any time to act moved exclusively by the luminous kindness.Read more