The Mother in the heart of Silence

Knowledge starts in manifestation. There is no need of any knowledge whatsoever in the eternal silence. The form is also ephemeral. There is no finality about it. Silence is the final thing. By silence I mean when there is no movement whatsoever. The knowledge, knower and the movement of knowing are one, or they do not exist ordinarily. The moment we turn to the manifestation, a supreme Being, an absolutely conscious being becomes an imperative necessity. A force, a knowledge and a love and an order of movement become the vectors of the forces of unfolding in the manifestation. The Silence and an absolute quality of non-existence can lend a meaning to this manifestation. The existence and the dynamism are only possible, can only base themselves upon an infinity of absolute nothingness and Silence (even absolute dumbness). Dumbness is inapt, because it is an inability – consciousness is there but unable to express itself. But the Silence is something more serious or severe. The question of ability does not rise at all. There is no movement or any act of knowledge behind, in front or anywhere. It is not a veil or a brick wall hiding anything behind it. It is simply, eternally silent. When one goes in it, nothing remains, not even a knowledge of the state of silence. One goes into it and comes out of it, the interval is the Eternity

The Silence is the gate or doorway to all knowledge. All knowledge is nothing but a movement of the divine force and Shakti or the Divine in movement. All knowledge is but the laws and orders of the different grades of manifestation and their interrelation and final relation with the eternal Silence.

L’Amour – the Supreme Love is the key to unite all and to find union with all. All ignorance is due to the lack of knowledge of unity and due to our mental activity and physical consciousness which sees division everywhere. The love of That will unite us with all and ignorance will perish forever.


Niranjan Guha Roy