Seated in front of the huge screen, I contemplate the living stream of figures, embodied beings walking towards nothingness, each with his basket full of hopes, joyful ephemeral memories, of tears, laughter, friendships, grieves and brief embraces.
The scene crosses slowly the huge screen.
Those who lead the parade disappear forever and new actors until now unnoticed, appear with radiant faces, bodies full of energy and colored clothes. Each wears a bag filled with hope, projects, adventures and discoveries to be carried out, of mountains to be climbed, oceans to be crossed, mysteries to be solved. They march forward driven by a heavenly urge. Sometimes full of joy, sometimes disappointed, crushed, they always move on.

The crowd, this time does not bend anymore but stands erect and strong. It crosses slowly the screen then is absorbed into nothingness. A short break before being reborn.
The scene repeats itself infinitely. But always, always the crowd becomes more brilliant, looking younger. Failures are less numerous, shadow is scarce; light is sweeter, welcoming, nourishing.
Thus is always walking the living God, in incalculable bodies towards a more and more charming destiny.

All regrets, failures and despairs, broken hearts, falls and murderous passages, fade in a vast dazzling light, filling the screen with bright and extatiques smiles and forms of inconceivable beauty and almost unbearable delight.

The divine Mystery always moves on.
The beauty of today is already faded, belongs to the past, to oblivion.
The Divine, the Lord always moves on and surpasses our most audacious and fantastic dreams.

The travelers on God’s eternal Road become more and more conscious of the Divine’s Presence in their soul, more and more intimate and close. Free from ego they forget their separate existence, walk, sing and dance as one single gigantic being, unique with thousands arms, legs, bodies, heads and trunks.

An ocean without border of luminous bliss.
No more breach between You and me. Everything is Divine. Everything is You.
There is only You, Lord.
All melts in a vast symphony of love without body, a hymn of gratitude on the gentle breast of the Infinite Mother.

O Lord, give us the force, the will to follow You in Your accelerated, continuous race to discover the Unknown.


Niranjan Guha Roy