This wonderful, appalling, beautiful world is the self-manifestation of the Supreme Godhead present openly or hidden in every particle. All is moved by His eternal, inviolable Will, in each being, thing, force and energy. We are activated; moved, motivated by that Will that takes various forms in different things and beings. As long as we feel as the author of the Will, and the action as our own, we deprive ourselves of the unalloyed joy in works. The moment we feel the supreme Godhead, Eternal Shakti, as the sole initiator and doer of our works, all changes. We are admitted into a new divine consciousness and feel the ecstasy of the Supreme Mother doing Her work through our instrumental personality. There is no search for work, no preference, no personal choice, no tension for obtaining such and such result. There is the delight of a piano, a violin or being used by the Master. When not being used there is no regret or disappointment but eternal repose in the sense of belonging forever to the Master of Works.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2003