There is a Sanskrit word, Dooksham. It means sorrow, suffering, discontentment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, sadness, and affliction. It is a state of total absence of joy or Ananda.

This state is the inevitable lot of the mental-vital man. All the great spiritual leaders have perceived this fundamental unavoidable situation of man. That is why almost all the religions until now have promised man a heaven after death in the beyond. That hasn’t changed the situation at all. Perhaps in some cases this promise has made the life a little tolerable.
There is another word in Sanskrit, Sookham. It means joy, pleasure, happiness, comfort and felicity. It is said in the Upanishads that there is behind all creation on earth a secret felicity, Ananda, sustaining all. That is why creatures live and are able to go through even unimaginable suffering and agony sustained as they are by the Divine Ananda. That is why in the midst of this general suffering there is at every instant a search for pleasure and happiness. I saw an Italian film long time back about a shantytown. It was snowing, people were cold and hungry and as soon as a spot of sunlight fell on the area, people ran and huddled together for a few seconds in the warmth of the fugitive sun. All life is like that. Goaded by the relentless sorrow and suffering the soul of man seeks Amritam, the divine nectar of immortal Felicity, blissful Immortality. So we find a prayer, an agonized cry, coming from the profoundest depths of the human soul, “Take us from death to Immortality.” The most ancient mystics were aware of this blissful immortality, a felicitous immortal existence, so the call for the beyond had a certain truth in it. But the Divine didn’t create the world and send suffering as His blessings to push everyone out of this untransformable sorrowful earth towards the blissful immortal existence in some absolute beyond. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother tell us that we need not leave the earth in order to taste Amritam elsewhere. This Divine Bliss, the felicitous nectar can be brought down from the hidden heavens and made to flow into the very fibres and cells of our body. The Immortal Consciousness can be realized here in a human body on the earth. Dooksham can be totally effaced by the downpour of Amritam. First, once we are flooded by this heavenly nectar, all sorrow and suffering will cease forever in the consciousness, then in the life reactions and finally in the body. It is as yet a very difficult endeavour to bring this immortal nectar into the cells and fibres, flesh and bones of the body.

First the mind, then the life, then the subtle physical and finally the body would be transformed and released forever from the grip of the universal sorrow, Dooksham. It is the descent of the Anandamayi, the blissful Divine Shakti Power progressively as a cascade from above that will transform the sorrowful earth into the image of the eternal Brindavan, the home of Felicity.

This is what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are accomplishing for the entire earth. Thrice blessed the fortunate souls who have chosen the Mother and Sri Aurobindo as their refuge, master, guide, friend, leader, mother and lord, the sovereign.

OM Namo Bhagavate
OM Douce Mère
OM Sri Aurobindo
OM Janani Amritamayi
OM Amritamaya Purushaha

Personally, the more I let go, the better I feel, becoming a more and more a useful player in the great symphony directed by the Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy- 1991