Two aspiring souls were sitting for years in meditation hoping to have Darshan of Kali. Then Kali appeared in all her Power and grandeur. One of the sadhaks got terribly frightened and lost his mind.

The other one did pranam to Kali with love and devotion and then with folded hands asked Kali why his friend went mad. Kali replied with a kind smile: You too have lost your mind many times before. Now you are ready to bear my Presence. He will be all right next time. After blessing him, Kali disappeared.

The moral of the story is that there is a long period of preparation. If the soul – the Godhead in us raised his head a little prematurely, our outer being may not be able to stand the pressure or the change demanded. If there is an attitude of love and surrender in us, then we are really safe. Whatever the situation, a surrender with love and confidence to the Mother is the highest protection and no harm can ever possibly come from it. Then the Mother takes care of everything. By the act of surrender, we become progressively conscious of the Divine Mother.
There is a tremendous pressure of the Truth consciousness on the entire earth. Men everywhere are entrenched in a blind egoism. All the fight everywhere is to preserve and protect sectional interests. Each one is fighting to preserve his identity, his separate distinctiveness and impose it on others. But inwardly a sense of unity, a feeling of spiritual oneness is also growing all the time. Because we feel consciously the indivisible oneness of the Spirit, these battles and struggles for egoistic affirmation seem to us all the more absurd and painful.
When there is a calamity of a general order, an earthquake, a huge fire, an appalling accident, etc., people for a moment forget their egoism and collaborate willingly. But as soon as things become all right, we return to dog eat dog normality. It is not Nature who is producing these accidents. Blind huge elemental occult forces of division are trying in every way to prevent the unifying action of the divine consciousness. As the sense of unity will increase, these disruptive forces will become less and less effective.
The most powerful way to annul the violence of these blind forces is to become a living centre of divine unity, in other words to become possessed by her consciousness of absolute oneness. Then there will be more and more a tremendous pressure on all the forces of division and an awakening of the hidden sense of unity which already exists in essence. In other words, by surrendering to the Mother Divine we can actively participate in the unification of the world. Even in a very personal way, once we are surrendered to the Mother no wind, fire or tide can touch you, harm you. We must have faith in the Mother.
We enjoy Her protection, when we live in Her Light.