A new perception has dawned on me. The world, especially the human life is governed by what we call Nature or in philosophical terms by the Executive Force presiding over the lower hemisphere of consciousness comprising of mind, life and matter.

The humanity is practically totally moved by this Nature-Force, Prakriti “as if mounted on a wheel,” in the language of the Gita. We respond automatically, spontaneously, naturally to Her, Mother-Nature. Spirituality essentially belongs to the higher hemisphere over which presides the Divine Mother, the Divine Nature, the Divine Force. Above the intellect there are ranges of mind which are spiritual or gnostic in principle – higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind and the overmind. The spiritual movement in the world finds its force and inspiration from these domains. Though they are spiritual in principle, they are ineffective in transforming into the Divine image, our humanity. These powers still belong to the mind, as such to the ignorance, though they prepare us for a spiritual life. These powers have been unable to transform earth life into a divine life. Beyond the last frontiers of overmind, lie the regions of eternal Truth based on the absolute Oneness, peace, power, light, joy, perfection and harmony. The domain of Mother Nature extends to this last frontier of ignorance where ignorance is shot through and through with the rays of the Sun of Truth. When we cross into the Truth Consciousness, the Supramental consciousness, there is a complete breakaway from the Mother-Nature and now we are directly under the sovereignty of the Super-Nature or the Divine Mother-Force. We have entered the higher or luminous hemisphere and are under its effective transforming influence. The divine Force pours into us from the luminous regions of the Sun and transforms whatever it meets in our consciousness. If everything in us were capable of receiving and assimilating this Force, then there would be a sudden or quick miraculous change and transformation. So the Force, the superconscient consciousness descends in us by slow degrees, does its work in a gradually phased process.
When our normal consciousness will respond naturally, spontaneously to the Divine Mother, Super-Nature, then we will pass from the domination of the lower Nature to the rule of the Divine Nature. In the true consciousness, we are always conscious of the Divine as the sole reality, the sole existence, the only Will in movement, the One infinite and eternal. There is no ego, no sense of separation from the Divine All. When everything in us would respond naturally to the Divine, to the Supreme Executive Force, then we will have crossed the dividing line of the highest mind and entered into the domain of the eternal Truth.
Then our will is one with the Divine Will, our life a spontaneous working out of His vision, our mind the home of an authentic light, our body a temple of the Divine Mother, our soul an active center of radiating divine consciousness. We are moved effortlessly, spontaneously in perfect peace, joy and harmony by the Divine Super-Nature. This is the perfection we seek. We shall then no longer painfully labor and struggle to live according to the law of Truth for we will become a simple expressiof the Truth. Until we reach this spontaneous perfection whatever else we realise is fragile and unstable, spiritually unsatisfactory, a boring repetition of the old game.

O Mother Divine, establish your powerful Sovereignty irrevocably over our entire being. This is our constant prayer. May we cease to be animal and become divine.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1982