Resplendent Mother of beauty, love and harmony
Throned in the impenetrable crypt of a mystic Reality,
Descend on earth through the sunlit heavens of unalterable ecstasy,
Up borne by a winging aspiration, come down step by step,
Open the golden gate at the summit of mind’s ascension.
Release Thy thousand streams of truth-delight on man.
Shatter the high fortress walls that protect us from the self-vision,
Break down our sky of noble dreams that parcel out the myriad windows.
Merge the little pond in the ocean, the spark in the conflagration,
The migratory flocks of wild geese, our errant thoughts with Thy touch;
Now extend their probe into the far corners of the Infinity
And return through the sacred air, laden with an exotic perfume.
Our reason that seldom arrived at the right conclusion
Shall now see the Divine intention in the trembling of a finger-like palm leaf,
Unseal the third eye with the silent torrents of iridescent light.
One with the will of the Spirit, our look now shall exceed the triple time.
There is no more clash and striving, nature obeys Lord’s will,
Mortal shares immortal’s vision and God acts through man.
Uncover the oracle, mystic source of word and song
That well out from the mute depths of the superconscient immobility.
Our speech and chant shall give an audible form to the intangible mystery
And incarnate bodiless beauty in meters and bars of song and poetry,
Deliver the psyche imprisoned behind the tangle of our emotion.
Reveal to man the immortal flame that burns on the altar to show the way,
The marble Chapel where Thou abidest with flower-blessings in Thy hand.

We need not be anymore sadly separated from Thy eternal presence.
Unleash the lion-forces of aspiration, power and divine possession.
Life delivered from the chains of torturing division,
Shall now take a triumphant pleasure in liberating the truth.
God shall fight through us His terrible shadows and delight in victory.
Break the evil charm put on the merry life-gods and daemons,
And give them back their early carol of life.

We shall no more fear the six adversaries,
Each little desire shall lust for the caress of the Spirit,
Awaken the coiled serpent energy at the base of the spine.
Hissing like an angry rocket, creeping like a fiery tide, a pitiless current,
It rises higher and higher exploding the partitions that separate the worlds,
Shoots up in a fervent ecstasy to greet Thy majestic descent.
Thy golden cascades come down the column of soaring fire.
Our body becomes the lodge of the spirit
And the moment mingles with eternity.
Descend down the legs into the soil of this planet,
Dig deeper and deeper through layers of stark resisting darkness.
Pierce the rocky shoals to reach the hidden fountain of the night.
Transform the sleeper in the inconscience into Thy wakeful collaborator.
Rise with His message through the twelve doors of the adventuring soul
And build the permanent High Way joining the far ends of the being.

Resplendent Mother of beauty, love and ecstasy
Throned in the impenetrable crypt of the mystic Reality,
Descend on Earth through the sunlit heavens
Of unalterable delight and peace.
Come down the opaline stairs of prayer and meditation.
Lotus petals vibrant with expectancy
Await the miraculous touch of Thy feet.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1950-1966