Destiny is a ruthless despot who rules the life with an iron hand and drives the being through dangerous and difficult adventures of life, which no individual will undertake willingly.

It drives us mercilessly without respite through fiery ordeals, devastating circumstances, and colossal blunders, towards the goal which it only knows. The individual grumbles, fights and wages a war against his own destiny. He is crippled, exhausted and often falls to pieces, for destiny is far stronger than the individual. Destiny has but one goal: to make us grow in consciousness through bad and good, evil and sordid, ugly and monstrous events and circumstances. All the infinite experiences of life are fuel for this fire of purification and growth. As long as we resist the decree of destiny, as long as we revolt against its rule and sovereignty, we are miserable, desperate like hunted animals, like prisoners chained in tenebrous dungeons. The first awakening comes when we no longer fight or revolt against destiny, but learn to accept its overwhelming power over our life. Even if we have to grind our teeth in surprised indignation and anger then comes a greater illumination of quiet acceptance and a resigned contentment. Yet, there are many, many souls, who right from the beginning do not fight destiny, but collaborate with it, in a blind and ignorant way, sometimes in a more conscious way. For them the journey is relatively easy. Dangers and difficulties and catastrophes are there for them as well, but like the well informed captain of a ship, he knows the dangers and knows too how to handle the ship in such a crisis. He knows the dangerous currents, the reefs below the surface of water and keeps well away from them. Gradually the individual once revolted, as well as those collaborating, become aware that the destiny is the auspicious master and guide, the most infallible teacher, the most reliable friend. It is no other than our own soul, one with the Divine, the Supreme. This is the deliverance. We are no longer hounded and pursued by the horde of lions to keep us going, but ourselves we choose to follow with enthusiasm, love and confidence, the magic call of the flute. Every time we respond to the call, a greater intimacy is established between our soul and ourselves, between man and the Divine. Every response brings a greater revelation, so much of our blindness, so much of our suffering leave us forever. The cruel, relentless driver of our life, the dreadful face of destiny now is the unforgettable, auspicious, most beautiful, thrillingly ravishing face of the Eternal. Man, by his own strength, can never go from ignorance to light.

O Lord, lead us from darkness to light, from division and falsehood to truth and oneness, from death and suffering to immortal bliss.