Up till now it is Mother Nature who has been directing the creative process on earth from the first protozoan to the modern man. She has been all through supported by the Divine Mother Nature secretly from behind the veil.

The Divine Mother has been preparing her manifestation on earth through the crystallization of a psychic element hidden in the atom itself. As Mother Nature developed the physical body of man through evolution, the Divine Mother crystallized the psychic elements with greater and greater precision in the evolving living animals specially in man. In a minority of human beings these psychic elements are sufficiently organized to form what may be called a psychic personality. Our Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is an incarnation of the Divine nature supporting all manifestation on earth. She came to announce that time had come for the manifestation of the divine race on earth and that from now on the Divine Mother Nature would directly take over the evolutionary work on earth. She has persuaded the Mother Nature (Apara Prakriti) to collaborate in this great work. The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is based on the surrender of the soul to Para Prakriti, the Divine Mother Nature, so that She can shape our instrumental being into a divine personality. She is already present in us in our soul and from there her work is to divinise the physical being that we are which has been created by Mother Nature. Instead of being devotees of Mother Nature and nature as it exists now we transfer our allegiance to the supreme Divine Nature, the Mother Divine and consciously appeal to Her to transform our present ignorant earth nature into a divine nature, vast and luminous, full of the delight of immortality.
As long as we remain natural and follow a natural life we are under the control of Apara Prakriti, that is to say, we remain in ignorance and in suffering. But even then there is hope in the long term for now Apara Prakriti is fully collaborating with the Divine Mother Nature, that is to say, she will not block the way or interfere in the way of working of the Mother Divine. As She Herself will be possessed more and more by the Divine Mother the world evolution will become progressively more and more divine even down to matter. So from this point of view, if we can look on Mother Nature as our mother, the Divine Mother, the Supreme Prakriti, slowly but surely preparing the earth for the Divine manifestation, our nature worship will become a Yoga of adoration of the Divine Mother. It is much easier to feel the Presence of the Mother Divine in nature, in hills, mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and oceans than in crowded noisy cities. To love nature is to love the Mother Divine Herself.

All Nature dumbly calls to Her alone
To heal with Her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals of the dim soul of man
And kindle Her fire in the closed heart of thingsSavitri –
( Sri Aurobindo- Savitri)


Niranjan Guha Roy 1990