How can this world of violence, greed, passion, death and disease
Be transformed into a world of beauty, harmony, love and peace?

No religion has succeeded in transforming the brute in man,
No political system, no king good or bad has radically changed man.
Prophets and saints, poets and musicians, scientists and dreamers
Have brought a moments solace, a fragile truce in a bloody war.
Man has a brain, he is a thinker and an incorrigible animal.
He has sudden bursts of compassion, he is not all that rotten.
To save the whales, he would like to eliminate the whalers.
He celebrates his victory over the hunters in a banquet of beefsteaks.
He is a curious amalgam, changes his fidelity like a chameleon.
In his sincere effort to do something good, he resorts to evil methods.
Man is in a difficult impasse, unreconciled with himself and the world.
He is a victim on the altar, tied to the stake of his own imperfection.
Somewhere in his thinking, he has arrived at a wrong conclusion.
He forgets all the time that he is creation of Nature, not a creator.
He must realise that by himself, he has no existence, he is a zero.
He acts, feels, thinks as intended by Nature as her puppet.
His freedom is an illusion. He is as free as a frog in a well.
Nature has made a concession, given him a cartload of apples,
Full mountain-heap of dissatisfaction, denied him peace even in death.
He must dig deeper, climb higher, struggle harder without respite,
To find a way out from this perennial burning inferno life.
Nature is not a heartless monstrous creatrix sculptress of evil
In the world of unconscious matter, She wants to create a living image
Of her Lord whom She has hidden in the mystic heart of man.
Step by step, She leads the desperate man to the occult door.
Only the strong ones who do not breakdown during the hard journey,
Are allowed to cross the threshold and enter the holy sanctuary.
Nature removes the mask over Her face, reveals the Great Mother
Man discovers his divine soul, enjoys identity with the One,
Enters into a vast Consciousness where all the discords are resolved.
He begins a joyful adventure in the Unknown with the Mother leading.