Let us remain very peaceful and inwardly insist that the Mother’s Will be done in our life, in the life of all of us and in the world. Then we will witness more and more a harmonious development of our life and work. Wherever we will be, our work will always be the same to keep the inner Fire burning.

We must concentrate on the Mother and try to come closer and closer to Her. Then She will Herself tell us all we need to know. Outwardly, we must not be critical of people, never turn away from them, never reject them, never impose on them a life they are unable to live. We must have the utmost good will for all, knowing that the Divine is in the hearts of all and leading each one towards an ultimate divine life.
One day we will become conscious of the Divine Will, which is the only absolutely effective Power in the manifestation. Its only purpose is the progressive divinisation of the total manifestation. Naturally, man being the highest evolutionary kind, will be first divinised, especially those who have a highly conscious psychic being in them. As our personal will is progressively replaced by the divine Will, we become effective instruments of the Divine for the realisation of the divine purpose in the world to kindle the sacred Fire in the hearts of men and women, to prepare the world for a greater life, always as an instrument of the Divine Mother.
The Divine is the only Leader. Our highest fulfillment is to carry out His commands.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1988