There is hardly anyone who does not feel at one time or other a call for perfection, a call for a greater more noble life, a call to a greater dedication in his line of work, but often in the press of the events of life these revelatory moments are forgotten and often with regret.

The true reward in life comes when we are able to give ourselves fully in some noble impersonal effort and perfection and to the perfection of what is good and beautiful in us. It is this dedication, this need for perfection, this effort to achieve what is difficult and distant that gives a value and a meaning to our life and in a larger context is the cause of the progress of humanity through the ages. We are living in very difficult times, we feel we have the glimpse of a perfect world yet our own inherent incapacities, instincts, passions, prejudices, fixed ideas and limited vision prevent us from attaining that perfection. As if, we want to fly but we have no wings. Yet the solution is within us for each one of us has in him the divine spark, the Eternal seated in the heart center, in the mystic lotus, solar plexus, the rose. Many dancers, singers and artists and of course the mystics were and are aware of this secret deity, the psyche, in the sanctuary of the heart. One might say to discover this Delphi oracle, the Godhead in us, is the essence of every religious and spiritual search. All that is good, noble, true, beautiful in our life has its origin in this wonderful center. It can open most easily through love, devotion and dedication if we can conceive of and have faith in a Supreme Being or a Supreme Consciousness of truth, good and beauty beyond all religions, beyond all controversies and conflicting creeds. We all aspire consciously or unconsciously for this eternal Godhead of love, bliss, beauty and harmony. Though slowly, yet inch-by-inch through centuries, through thousands of years, we are approaching this Godhead. One day we shall become the manifestation of this Godhead. This is the whole meaning of evolution. Our eventual destiny is already at work in our life and action. If we become conscious of this magnificent destiny, which is truly our birthright, then we shall develop the wings to fly as fast as possible to reach the promised land.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1979