For an united, happy and harmonious community it is necessary to have an understanding kindness without limit. It is necessary at any time to act moved exclusively by the luminous kindness. Do not look for faults in others or provoke them by destructive criticism, but be tolerant to everybody as the Divine Mother Herself. It is necessary to be full of compassion, patience, to have peace, joy, vision that each and all in spite of the misleading appearance are children of the Divine Mother, parts and divine fragments of the One. Each and all are the Divine self – even, masked, disguised for the charming universal Game. When one will live in the true vision of the Divine only everywhere infinitely, eternally in the manifestation and beyond, then will begin true divine life on earth. Everything is divine, the Divine, there is no more you and I but only the Divine the infinitely spread . Everything is the game of the Supreme Lord, and of the inseparable Mahashakti Divine. What, in our ignorance is a war, a merciless, endless, unbearable war becomes, in the supramental Divine Consciousness, a game, a progress, a perpetual unveiling of the unfathomable, irresistible Mystery of Beauty and Bliss of the Lord and the Mother in every ray of the supraconscient, transcendent Sun.
When the supramental Mahashakti will be able to possess and act through us as Her fully conscious perfect, docile, consecrated instruments, then She will, little by little be able to create, wherever there is a small opening, a small or big Divine world of the Truth. So, let us perfect our complete surrender of love and confidence in the Divine Mother and allow Her to act through us, play on the grand dedicated piano in ecstasy. No effort even superhuman driven by the ego will be able to create the new divine world. Only the Divine Mother can do it and will do it through the instruments, which She is preparing with much love and tenderness.

The Mother murmurs to our listening soul:
” I am the only Reality. All, which exists, is Myself. Adore Me; love Me in each and all, because there is no one here or anywhere other than Myself. Everything is forever the divine Felicity, Myself. Never, never forget the Divine Mother who is the only Worker who acts, accomplishes all eternally. Love Me always. ”

Om namo bhagavate.
Om janani madhura.
Om bhagavan Sri Aurobindo

Niranjan Guha Roy 2003