i liberty
Old familiar harmonies, associations,
Ideas and ideals are fast disappearing.
New harmonies, fast, majestic are facing
The barrage of mountains and mountains
Of limited melodies, chamber music and ancient themes.

Man holds on desperately to his past monuments,
Ideals, loves and hopes of a narrow limited nature.
Man’s consciousness thrives in the littleness,
In little pleasures and hopes.
It feels drowned by the Ocean’s surge of a new vast symphony
Of a creative urge of the Supreme Lord.
Man clings to his world, shabby, dark cabins, gets hopelessly
Lost in the magnificence of boundless luminous horizons.

Whoever can throw away the chains of the past
And welcome the onrushing supernal, unlimited, unbroken,
Timeless, boundless harmonies of the future
Will emerge into the new world.


Niranjan Guha Roy