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The inward flame


The purifying Fire
The saving Grace

The Power of Peace

There is a spontaneous automatic result of the identification when one lives totally in that indivisible eternal Reality, when one becomes a center of manifestation of that Reality. This state can be described like this:  We see that the least thing is accomplished by the Divine. It is the eternal play of the infinite Divine who unveils Himself in space and time. We live in a total indivisible unity. We become a center of divine love which is infinitely other than the human love, infinitely superior to it, as if we become a center of the divine action which above all acts by peace, by the force of the peace of God. This peace pacifies violence, acts in order to limit and contain violence,  war and  revolution. There is another aspect of this power of peace - it will first progressively eliminate the principal elements, the asuric forces which disturb the peace, incarnate the force of violence and division and defy the law of truth, light and harmony. Then little by little it will act on the totality of consciousness on the earth in order to eliminate all obscurity, all violence, all perversity in the race. But naturally this will take a long time.

There is another aspect of peace which is a very fundamental realization. Once this peace is established, one is entirely liberated from all relative cosmic movements and manifestation. One loses one's identity in the Divine beyond and above all creation. One becomes truly a zero, inexistent. There is no longer any personal choice, liking or preference. There is no haste or struggle or even effort to achieve or realize anything for the Eternal is constantly present in the consciousness. The Divine was not unhappy yesterday. He will not be happier tomorrow than he is today. He is ever fulfilled in His delight of existence.

Once we realize  peace,  we are liberated from the grip and strain and stress of time and cosmic movement, and all action proceeds from this state of liberty. There is actually nothing to achieve, nothing to accomplish. This realization is the key for any action in the world. If one does not have this realization, one cannot freely undertake the Divine Work. The Divine is the doer, but He is no longer hidden by His actions to the soul liberated in peace. The more there will be beings who could incarnate that force of peace, living in union with the Divine, the more the process of pacification and purification and awakening will be hastened.

Therefore, the best ways to serve humanity are identical. We should give ourselves more and more to the Divine ~ the Divine who is far beyond all the religions, even far beyond the traditional spiritual experiences in a gnostic consciousness, well beyond the frontiers of the highest degree of mind, far beyond into what is known as the Kingdom of the Golden Sun where there is no night, no obscurity, no suffering, no division, where there is only the infinity of God, of the One, the unfathomable Mystery, the One eternal Consciousness and Delight.

Niranjan Guha roy