There is a vast revolution going on.

There is a vast revolution going on.  It cannot stop until the New Life is fully established on earth.  In other words, this period of great transition gives the sense of instability and precariousness.  Due to the pressure of the Divine Force, all the darkness and devil’s stuff hidden in the human nature are rising like the scum on the surface of molten metal.  This is happening on the individual as well as the universal level.  The Fire of transformation has engulfed the whole world.  All that moves towards the Divine, the One, Peace and Harmony is safe.  All that refuses to budge, entrenched in separation and division, ignorance, obscurity and violence is inevitably moving towards extinction.  When one looks from this point of view, then one can see inside and outside of oneself what is helpful and what is self-destructive – what helps us to come closer to the Divine and what keeps us away from the Divine.  When we think, feel, speak and act in a way which brings us close to the Divine, we begin to enjoy the felicity of the constant Divine Presence.  This work can be done anywhere.  If one is serious, then one can feel the invisible Sun constantly shining over the whole earth and inevitably transforming it into a kingdom of God.


N;Guha roy 1992


I listened through the ages

 I listened through the ages, mute millenniums,
Far, far beyond the corridors of myths and legends.
I felt the heart of the burdened time.
I heard soul-searing cries and lamentations
Of cruel separation, pillage, murder, broken hopes,
Ruin, starvation, revenge, betrayal and hatred.

Gleams of moon rays, ringing laughter
And silver jingling bells so rarely
Accompanied the carmine fierce drama,
That the Seers of old gave up hope in their blindness
And left the poor earth to her seemingly uncompromising fate.

We love to weep and treasure our tragedies,
Gloat over the misery of our own kind,
And triumphantly celebrate slaughter and disaster.
Happiness is cloying, peace is monotonous,
Mirth of the youth and the frolic of the flowers
Are pastimes for the poets, artists and lunatics.

But the clay hides unshaped unseen dream-jars.
Sorrow and suffering are the outer coatings of a deep joy,
Ever new and more intoxicating than blood and tears.

The bud of sorrow blossoms on walls, partitions and division,
Dies in the wide openness of God’s Oneness.


N.Guha Roy - 1956