O Wonder Spiritof Beauty

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Asleep in the mystic chamber of the aspiring soul,
Awake and spread wide your peaceful wings
On our warring passions, senseless thoughts and actions.
Let our mind be a vast sanctuary of unbroken felicity.
Let our emotions be warm and sustained notes of vibrating strings.
Let our actions be at good times, at odd times, a symphony of solidarity.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty, Joy and Harmony,
Strip away from our heart, mind, body and soul,
The hard layers of ugly violence, endless cruel suffering
And release the dancing fountains of sparkling song and laughter.
We are as yet only partly divine even at our greatest summit moments,
Waning and waxing like the moon, ever unreliable, inconstant.
The human retreats slowly before the steadily growing Light within.
The age-old prophetic manifests of the Kingdom of God on earth.

O wonder Spirit of Beauty,
Your active Presence is now a reality.
A new muted race still wearing the human face
Glowing with the psychic Fire
Appears on the horizon to change this nightmare
Into an exquisite radiant dream.

N.Guha Roy- 1950-1966

The line of no return

Up till now I have been involved in various activities which may be called as spiritually oriented, keeping the sadhana as a personal affair.  Now I have come to a point where all my values have radically changed.  I have crossed a line of no-return.  The spiritual Ideal of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo has become profoundly real for me.  I do not find any affinity with the human world.  There is an irrevocable break.  A total consecration to the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness has become the only aim and preoccupation in life.  Any project or plan does not interest me in the least.  I feel I have no time to waste.  Up till now my life was made up of half-measures.  Now I realise that only a fundamental change in the consciousness is the sole worthwhile pursuit in life.  These long excursions in various human activities have finally convinced me that they lead nowhere.  Unless the human consciousness is basically transformed, really nothing much is achieved.  There has to be a new approach, an exclusive concentration on the development of yoga - union with the Divine Consciousness.  Nothing less than that would satisfy me.  There is necessarily a change in the outlook of the work.  In the Western World very few people have a real understanding of the process and discipline required for the attainment of the aim of Yoga.    Having sipped a little the nectar of Immortality, the best drink, what the human life can offer seems flat and tasteless.  We set out to find a new Heaven and we have found it.  Of course, it is invisible to the human eye just as the majestic Buddha in meditation is invisible to King Kong.  We are still in the downtown area, not very far from the center.

Transformation of this unhappy Earth into an unimaginable world of light and felicity, beauty and harmony, love and unity is no longer a mere hypothesis or possibility but an inevitable divine destiny.  The sapling of Paradise is yet very tender and young on the earth soil.  All the events are shaping the Oneness to come by breaking down systematically all egoistic and sectarian barriers.  Let us join our prayers for the constant victory of the Mother Divine.

Niranjan Guha Roy

Poem - Listen With Your Heart

My heart is like a huge cathedral, a temple rising to the sky,
Illumined with Love, filled with the perfume of Love.
Softly resounding with the organ-choir music of Love.

An invisible breeze refreshing, healing all the agonies and wounds
Greets one and all, good ones, bad ones, prophets and monsters,
The sick and healthy, the nuns and harlots, the hard and the gentle ones
With a silent adoring Love which sees the Divine in all.

The cathedral Temple needs constant expansion in all direction
To house birds, animals, living beings on land, sea and air,
For whom to reject: In the tiniest worm and flower and pebble
Shines the Lord, the Great One who puts on the humblest robes.

Love circulates unseen through all hearts, unhindered by any wall.
Your violence, selfishness, blind littleness, your grief and shame
Will disappear forever, if you come out of your cocoon in the open,
Break the rock fortress of ego, your self-made prison of hatred,
Anger, disdain, your born distrust of others, even of your own brother.

Love in disguise is at your door begging,
Invite Him to your table.
Darkness will be swallowed up by the radiant yet soothing Love,
Division cured by Love,
Becomes myriad souls throbbing with a single impulse.
Suffering faints in the mighty embrace of a sublimating sweetness,
The psyche in man and beast, plant and stone
Yearns for Love day and night.

Love is knocking at your door.
Listen with your heart.
Welcome the Mother.

Niranjan Guha Roy

correspondance with the Mother

Hermitage  Auroville June 2, 1972

Douce Mère,

Since a few days, there is an incessant warning so that we may be ready inwardly and on the material plane for the great change. We have swept all preconceived projects from our consciousness so that the vision of the Mother Divine may be accomplished. We want to be absolute slaves of the Lord, just as He has asked us to be. The Mother Divine is almost in entire possession of our active consciousness. The vision is clear - She is the only Reality, the single Will of life, the sole manifestation. You are quite near. We know that at each step You direct us.

Since this change is inevitable and seems to be imminent would it not be desirable that this is effected without drama, noise or pain, in silence and in love. In fact, we do not know anything about what is waiting for us. But all we know is that the Divine Mother, in Her infinite Grace would give us a marvelous opportunity to serve Her, love Her in all who love Her, in all beings, in all existence, for She is the sole existence. A ravishing flow of fugitive names and forms of a single Person, Love personified. What happiness to know, to see that at each instant, everything is a harmony ineffably perfect, mysterious; that at each instant Thou art supremely Victorious. You will call us when it would seem to You that the hour has come. We are under Your orders and wait for Your command. Victory, Victory to Thee, O Douce Mere. May all the beings recognise Thee, love and adore Thee and find the true durable happiness that is Thyself.


Answer given by the Mother

Yes, the moment has come. But it is a long moment and we will need much patience.

It is precisely in silence and in love that this change will best take place and most rapidly. I am with you.

The Mother

The Divine Will or the Law of Love

The highest wisdom from all points of view is to give oneself to the divine will. Because after all, it is the divine will which is being accomplished at every moment through apparent collaboration, non-collaboration, resistance and revolt. What is this divine will? It is the absolute law of love based on the vision of the indivisible supreme divine Reality, the Being, the Lord, the Mother, the Eternal, where one sees nothing but the Divine in everything and the substance of everything, where there is no moment except of the Divine, where there is no other aim than the enjoyment of the felicity and love. How can we be certain of this law of love, the divine will? Unless we have become identified with the Divine entirely, exclusively, it is difficult to perceive and realize this law in action. So the ultimate wisdom is to call upon the divine will, His Law of Love, His sacrifice of Oneness to take possession of us entirely, to do its work without consent and collaboration or in spite of them and even against their refusal and resistance. If our call is sincere the law of love is accomplished however poor might be the instrumental being. By our passivity to the law we can allow it to be fulfilled. As we become more and more open to the divine Reality our participation in this law of love becomes more and more active, dynamic and effective. In the first stages even if we do not feel the love so much there can be a peace of infinity which is invariable, impartial, equal and works for the highest good for all the beings, and as our contact with the divine reality increases and as we become more and more possessed by the divine reality and identified with it, the law of love becomes operative and effective and all embracing. We need not bother about the worthiness of any being or beings to receive and respond to this law of love - according to the development of the beings and their response to this highest Love there will be automatically, spontaneously, inevitably formation of a collectivity or groups like the galaxies around each divine inspiration and the blossoming would be spontaneous, everything directed by, presided over by the Lord of sacrifice of love, by the Divine Mother Herself through Her active Presence in all things and beings and beyond.

N.Guha Roy