Up till now I have been involved in various activities which may be called as spiritually oriented, keeping the sadhana as a personal affair.  Now I have come to a point where all my values have radically changed.  I have crossed a line of no-return.  The spiritual Ideal of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo has become profoundly real for me.  I do not find any affinity with the human world.  There is an irrevocable break.  A total consecration to the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness has become the only aim and preoccupation in life.  Any project or plan does not interest me in the least.  I feel I have no time to waste.  Up till now my life was made up of half-measures.  Now I realise that only a fundamental change in the consciousness is the sole worthwhile pursuit in life.  These long excursions in various human activities have finally convinced me that they lead nowhere.  Unless the human consciousness is basically transformed, really nothing much is achieved.  There has to be a new approach, an exclusive concentration on the development of yoga – union with the Divine Consciousness.  Nothing less than that would satisfy me.  There is necessarily a change in the outlook of the work.  In the Western World very few people have a real understanding of the process and discipline required for the attainment of the aim of Yoga.    Having sipped a little the nectar of Immortality, the best drink, what the human life can offer seems flat and tasteless.  We set out to find a new Heaven and we have found it.  Of course, it is invisible to the human eye just as the majestic Buddha in meditation is invisible to King Kong.  We are still in the downtown area, not very far from the center.

Transformation of this unhappy Earth into an unimaginable world of light and felicity, beauty and harmony, love and unity is no longer a mere hypothesis or possibility but an inevitable divine destiny.  The sapling of Paradise is yet very tender and young on the earth soil.  All the events are shaping the Oneness to come by breaking down systematically all egoistic and sectarian barriers.  Let us join our prayers for the constant victory of the Mother Divine.

Niranjan Guha Roy