The blank page


In the last few days, I have been questioning even my highest aspiration. I found there was a possibility of error even in that aspiration, specially when we think of the aspiration in practical terms of life and work.

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souvenirs - Hymn to the Mother Divine

In our search for the Divine we set an ideal of all beauty, absolute felicity, all power and a total knowledge, all these usually combined in some known form of incarnation, or some divine Personality described in the spiritual Scriptures midst legends and traditions.

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personal message from the Mother

Peace, peace, harmony
The supramental needs for its work a peaceful and silent mind.
La conscience supramentale est consciente du tout à la fois
et au dessus des contradictions
C'est dans la conscience supramentale
que chaque chose peut prendre sa vraie place
Paix, paix, paix
Suprême Harmonie
Love, Blessings
Supramental Peace
The Mother


The Destiny


Destiny is a ruthless despot who rules the life with an iron hand and drives the being through dangerous and difficult adventures of life, which no individual will undertake willingly.

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The humanity to come

There is a supremely conscious power of Truth at work in the earth consciousness.

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