In the last few days, I have been questioning even my highest aspiration. I found there was a possibility of error even in that aspiration, specially when we think of the aspiration in practical terms of life and work.

It is quite legitimate to aspire for the Divine Life, for the guidance, and of course if we have not that fundamental will to obey the Divine command or his guidance, then there cannot be any effective spiritual development. But, I find because of the imperfection of our nature (there is so much that has yet to be transformed), we might interpret wrongly the divine will. There is only one effective way out of this problem: that is to reject totally from our consciousness as far as possible all the formulations about our spiritual discipline and work, to become the silence, the blank page, the slave of the Divine, to have no possession whatsoever. We do not say anymore to the Divine what we want to be nor what we want to do, but we put all our life and being and every part of it, all that we are, were and will be in his hands, to his creative vision. If He wants to utilise us as a hammer, be it so; as a boat, be it so; as a lute, be it so; as a plough, be it so. We have no choice, no predilection except for the joy of being fashioned by his vision for his use. Then we see the miracle of a new relation with the Divine, our least responsibility of being or doing is taken away from us. He starts to do with us what his intention has always been for us. The outward work or even our life does not undergo a drastic change, only there is a radical reorientation, one might say, all our past effort has been to arrive at this point, at this zero point of self abolition. Before, we were given orders or commanded to do certain things, now the Divine acts through the surrendered soul, the abolished ego directly. It is He who consciously makes the evolutionary effort that has to be made in order to establish the divine consciousness on earth till one day, even a divinised body will emerge. It is He who through the purified instruments now makes an all out effort to achieve what is possible now under the conditions of the earth. He is concerned at the moment with the immediate step that is possible in the spiritual evolution. What seems possible to realise now is the divine consciousness in a partly transformed body which would be more or less free from disease, decay and decomposition, but not yet free from death. Death will be at will. A long, healthy life in the service of the Divine would be possible. Accidents could be ruled out. These are the immediate objectives possible, but not yet realised on earth in a general way. So seen in this attitude of surrender and self abolition, the work of transformation for realising the first phase of the ultimate divinisation becomes a task, a mission of primordial importance and this is the work that is assigned to aspiring souls. In other words, the Divine wants to use whatever instruments will be able to take this attitude of surrender and self abolition for this purpose. Of course, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have prepared the way, seen and done everything to make blossom the supramental evolution, inevitable and absolute.