Faith in the Divine Mother

The yoga given to us by Sri Aurobindo is exceptionally difficult but in the end, most satisfying as it makes the Divine absolutely real and concrete to our normal consciousness. Read more

The pure Spirit

The Isha Upanishad says that all the forms animate or inanimate, all the worlds are habitations of the Lord, the Supreme, the Immanent Divine. Read more

The working of the supramental on earth

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have introduced the Supramental in the earth evolution. It is a luminous divine Power of essential Unity based on love and Knowledge far beyond the obscure ignorant ego-driven divided mental consciousness.

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The travel of the soul

The travel of the soulBorn from the ashes of a flaming sphere, our beginning is microscopic, hardly visible, miserable.

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The true vision

In the true vision, this world, our earth is a field of progressive manifestation of the Divine, the Absolute, accomplished, realized by the Divine Shakti, the Supreme Mother Power.

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about transformation

Outward changes come in answer to our deeper aspirations of which one may be conscious even in a faint way.

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The window of the soul

It has become to me a constant poetic experience to see and feel one infinite eternal consciousness and Being penetrating everything in existence, forming the substance of everything in existence in physical and subtle domains.

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