The yoga given to us by Sri Aurobindo is exceptionally difficult but in the end, most satisfying as it makes the Divine absolutely real and concrete to our normal consciousness.

We live constantly in the most assuring presence of the Divine Mother who is our most reliable friend, always with us in our soul, in our normal consciousness with her infallible guidance. To have entire faith in the Divine Mother in the beginning is not easily possible. But in face of difficulties of our inferior nature and an unfriendly world, if we learn to depend on Her to pull us out of darkness and danger, our faith becomes stronger and stronger. The Mother is our best friend. She cannot possibly do any harm to us. When we feel abandoned, we must make a courageous effort to feel Her most-helpful presence in our soul, for our success is Her victory. She is all the time lovingly engaged in protecting us in the world from a thousand enemies inside and outside. We are powerless in this world governed by inordinately cruel and violent forces of falsehood. Without constant vigilance of the Mother Divine, we would be wiped out of existence. She is like an impregnable fort around us. As a sincere and simple love for Her will grow in our heart and soul, our life will be filled with Her sweetness. If we have accepted even once the Mother and Sri Aurobindo as our friends and guides they will protect us from worst always. They are constantly present with the supreme light, power and love to take us forward through a dozen lives to the divine union. A day must come in the life of every devotee, adorer and disciple of the avatars, when the sadhak will emerge into the blissful vision of the Mother Divine who is the only Reality, all and the unfathomable mystery ever drawing us nearer, closer to Her heart of Love.
Om Douce Mère, Thy Victory, Thy blessings for all, Thy Peace in all.