From the President to the road sweeper, there is not much difference. They are all terribly human.

Prisoners of the mental vital ego, they are going round along the same tracks, actors in a perennial tragi-comedy repeating the roles endlessly, hopelessly eyes glued to the material reality always deceived in love and game, the cup of nectar hardly raised to his lips constantly snatched away, his idea of a heaven on earth turning into a mirage at every attempt yet undaunted he ever runs after a brilliant chimera, picks up thousands of pebbles in order to discover a gem one day. He is inexorably driven by fate, God’s delegate through thousands of births and deaths till he becomes satiated with the success and failure, joys and agonies of the ordinary human existence.
But if he is offered a new home in God’s house will he accept? Most certainly not. A life of peace and harmony without blood, sweat and tears will be an excruciating prolonged boredom, or bleak existence without an issue. Man would be yearning for the habitual food and poison, praying for the lashing which cuts his back to ribbons. Such is the nature of God’s magic. Until He releases the soul, no one can escape, the soul must grow in stature, must become mature. Rejecting the ever repeating rise and fall of his destiny, he must prepare himself to endure unbroken bliss, to look with equality, serenity, peace on worlds disintegrating and reforming constantly to take part in God’s ever recurring play. God’s touch awakens a soul here, a soul there. Then one seems to wake up from an unreal dream. The material world cannot rival his attention onto it anymore. One seems to have crossed beyond the stone wall of matter.
Other vast horizons pass fleetingly before the gaze of the enraptured soul. Man discovers the soul in hidden recesses of his heart, beyond the upper ceiling of the mind, a glorious irresistible adventure, forces the soul to cut all the ropes and draws it into the unknown depths and distances alluring, dangerous and challenging. God unveiled is the Guide, Master and Captain of the awakened soul. It no longer belongs to the human race though to the ordinary eye, the man with the illumined mind and heart is no different in appearance from any human being, yet to another awakened soul, he is as distinct from man as man is from a monkey. For many, the transition from human to the divine state is short and quick but for most of the aspiring souls, the transition is a long period of struggle, indecision, swaying. to and fro, hesitation and tormenting uneasy adventure. Seeing, they refuse to see, hearing they refuse to believe, knowing the right path, the upward safe and luminous way, they take the tortuous dangerous familiar old trails. The Great Mother is not discouraged or offended. She is always with the aspiring souls unable as yet to bear Her touch and constant Presence.These unhappy travellers in a murky no man’s land refusing to cross over to a safer zone of light and protection wistfully hang on to their old familiar treasures thus prolonging their own torments. As the Light grows, as the strong souls emerge into the authentic consciousness, the nomads in the hazy lands will find strengthand certitude and take the sure path of ascent to the Truth. Come, ye hesitant souls, rise, have courage and lo, the Mother is there leading the victory march. Do not look back to the dungeon from which we have been freed after ages. Let us get used to the freedom of the Spirit. The nightmare is now forgotten. Shine, ever radiant and glorious, O Mother Divine in our soul.