Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have introduced the Supramental in the earth evolution. It is a luminous divine Power of essential Unity based on love and Knowledge far beyond the obscure ignorant ego-driven divided mental consciousness.

As yet the Supramental has not created anywhere a group small or big which is an expression of the Supramental Truth, for the divine principle of unity, purity and Ananda cannot manifest even partially as long as man clings to his humanity unaware of the immortal Divinity in his soul which has no family, no country, no nationality or religion but is universal in its vision, free from ego and desire and cravings of the mind, vital and the body. This formidable revolutionary transformation is only possible in a minority of highly developed aspiring human beings who reject the most sublime form of human life and action totally as fundamentally unacceptable, inadequate for the realisation of a divine life on earth. They are not blind to the enormous difficulties they have to encounter in their own rebellious nature and in a blind ignorant violent, intolerant world. The Supramental is not just working for divinising a few gifted rare individuals but pressing down constantly for uniting, illuminating, refining, awakening the psychic elements in man. There will be as a result of this constant pressure from above a great disorder in the human society as all the set artificial values would crumble down making place for the emergence of a strong aspiration for a life of peace, harmony and beauty free from the turbulent uncontrollable greed for power, fame, wealth and especially pleasure and sex-indulgence. What can be transformed will benefit from the Divine Help constantly present on earth. Whatever is unwilling or incapable would be made innocuous, their fangs and claws disabled, allowing the aspiring humanity to rise in centuries step by step towards the Supreme Mother.