Divine Will and surrender

How can we feel absolutely secure in all circumstances, at all times, in any case?

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The magnificent Destiny

There is hardly anyone who does not feel at one time or other a call for perfection, a call for a greater more noble life, a call to a greater dedication in his line of work, but often in the press of the events of life these revelatory moments are forgotten and often with regret.

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Meditation - An all seing Wisdom

There is an all seeing Wisdom presiding over the destiny of each one
And in the last analysis, whatever happens is for our progress.

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The Compassionate Power

I am more and more aware of an omnipotent compassionate power at work in the world. It is aware of each individual in creation and working for the manifestation of the divine life on earth.

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Meditation - beyond the boundaries of time

I try to reach the utmost confines of time till my consciousness bursts the boundaries of past, present and future and enters a state of timelessness, eternity,

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The hesitant souls

From the President to the road sweeper, there is not much difference. They are all terribly human.

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What is the work of a true spiritual seeker?

There is only one valid answer – to become more and more conscious of the Divine, to grow in identity with Him, to be molded and recreated by the Divine Consciousness in the conditions and circumstances created by His all-seeing wisdom.

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The growth of our soul

Man is constantly struck down by accident, disease and death so that he may aspire to immortal life.
Man is constantly deceived by human love. Even when it seems perfect, death and separation annul it. So one day he begins to yearn for the divine love, the eternal Lover.

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There is only one way to get out of all these mental troubles. As the world is, it is very difficult to say this is right and that is wrongRead more

Exposition to the transforming Light

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