I am more and more aware of an omnipotent compassionate power at work in the world. It is aware of each individual in creation and working for the manifestation of the divine life on earth.

Its love is so vast and profound, so constant that its action cannot be seized nor its presence felt by the human consciousness. But for this source of infinite inexhaustible love and compassion, the creation would have foundered long ago. Its action stretches over thousands of years. To bring out the latent divinity, to prepare the instruments for a divine manifestation, to make the world ready for the age of Truth are its constant preoccupation.

The moment we become aware of this power, the supreme Mother Divine, the One, the Eternal, all our problems vanish. Everywhere we see the intention behind the scene, work of a fathomless benevolence, a profound kindness in every act in the universe which seems to our limited consciousness, brutal, cruel, monstrous, devilish and demoniac.

In its presence there is an atmosphere of sanctity, beauty, joy and one feels bathed in benediction. There is just an immeasurable vibration of the warmest love, an omnipotent compassion annulling all suffering, dynamic, effective forever.