On Peace

The thing most sought after in the world and at the same time the most disliked by men is peace. When it is there, women or men, are bored. When it is absent, they complain "I haven't got a minute of respite! I am harassed mercilessly by a thousand things - it is a real hell." Peace is always there, like the air we breathe. It is always accessible. It can become permanent in our consciousness, in our being. It is, in short, the presence of God, the Spirit, an aspect of the tangible form of the Supreme Creator.Read more

The psychic being and the yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the yoga of the future, is based on the emergence of the psychic being.
As soon as the psychic being comes out even so little
He brings with him the love or rather the adoration for the Supreme and his incarnations.
This love-adoration is part of the very substance of the psychic being.
Not to feel that love is a sure sign that the psychic being has not yet emerged.
It will come in time as it is the destiny of everyone.

Niranjan Guha Roy

The round dance of the Lord

The Round Dance of the Lord

The friendly Lord goes from door in door
With presents for all to distribute:
The peace of the eternity, the divine joy, the truth
The light of the beyond, the immortal life.
In exchange He asks with a big smile
The poisons which destroy the soul and the body,
Blind passions, anger, intolerance, desires,
Violence, enjoyments, lies, and fears.
Cursing Him, people slam the door in his face.
To a passer-by, laughingly He offers his heavenly presents.
The unfortunate runs away as if unhappily
He met the devil himself,
The Lord always smiling continues his road.
In the middle of the night, He returns with a few faithful friends.
Looking at his basket still full, they sigh:
" People do not want to see You, why do you go to meet them!
They make fun of the divine truth. "
The Lord smiles:
“As long as the people are well, they laugh at the doctor.
I always wait for the patients who suffer
In their souls in this bitter society.
People are very unhappy but hang on to the ruined life,
For how long! ...A little more patience!”
Behind the disaster a magnificent Dawn is getting ready.
The Divine lives in the heart of everyone.
It is He who decides the blessed Hour.
Niranjan Guha Roy-1996