The Force Divine

Hail to Thee, benevolent Force Divine, auspicious rain,
Thy fountain of radiant joy, Thy cloudbursts of luminous energy
Fall on the praying meadows, on the shriveled up vines and tendrils,Read more

Union with the Divine

When through aspiration and by the action of the Grace one enters into a high state of consciousness, one becomes aware of the Divine who is all and beyond all.

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To be aware of the Divine

Every time we think of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we are in touch with the Source, the highest state of consciousness. It is far, far beyond our most sublime ideal of ethics and morality.Read more


How can we best prepare ourselves for the descent of the Mother Divine? If we want to grow roses, what do we do? We must have a garden, not a barren or a wild land.

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