Hail to Thee, benevolent Force Divine, auspicious rain,
Thy fountain of radiant joy, Thy cloudbursts of luminous energy
Fall on the praying meadows, on the shriveled up vines and tendrils,
On the burnt-out shrubs and trees, temples in ruin,
On the pebbles and shingles, on the bare rocky slopes,
On the faint etiolating hopes,
On the quivering silver-streak of a dried up stream,
On the drooping sunflowers tired of a long penance of standing.

Hail to Thee, river of Peace, cascade of Silence.
Migrating tribes crossing the desert, birds in flight, cornfield in torment
Drink with a million lips Thy purifying torrent of limpid delight.
Smothered with Thy kisses the leaves tremble in mute ecstasy.
The wild roses run amuck and cover the fields faster than the weeds.
The green moss fondles the stones with velvety tenderness.
The wilderness turns into a fervent iridian prayer with a drop of Thy Grace.
The lotus raises its head through mud-cakes changed into a turquoise pool.
Blessing of the unseen gods, honey from the emerald island of the Blue Seas,
Maddened drops heavy and fine, fiery sparkling wine,
Scorpion stings of liquid flame.
Vehemence of the Spirit, delegate of the Infinite, keen shafts of Light,
Relentless greyhounds seeking out the brutal instincts in order to kill,
Celestial perfume filling up the inner aisles with frankincense purity,

O Force, bring Thy swift and violent current of merciless rapture divine,
Blinding showers, roaring hurricanes, mountain-high waves,
Immense lightning strokes cleaving the towers of darkness.
Blow up the armoured shell of our ignorance into a myriad fragments,
Shatter the vainglory of an illusory independent existence.
O passionate Lover,
Crush Thy beloved in an iron embrace sweeter than death,
Take her for honeymoon to bright dimensions packed with dense Light.
Come down,
O foaming torrents, blue, green, orange, shimmering pink and violet.


Niranjan Guha Roy