Meditation- only You are real smiling Mother

Mobile images, endless dreams,
Lives and faces, love, tears and laughters,
A rain - the desert blooms, the wind spreads flavors,

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Prayer to my soul- O my soul burn forever in an ecstasy of surrender

O my soul burn forever in an ecstasy of surrender, call the graceful, the wonderful Mother divine. Prepare so that She may descend and choose to live forever on the lotus throne of our heart, so that our life become a song of deathless joy, a dance of victorious ecstatic forces an epic poem of marvel and wonder and adoration and discovery of the mysterious mother divine.Read more

An invisible sun is illuminating the earth. The old world is now exposed to its rays

As if an invisible sun is illuminating the earth The old world created by mind and separative ego is now exposed to the rays of the one divine consciousness and Being, more like a radioactive cloud covering the entire globe. Its constant radiation is destroying all that is based on separation and division, transmuting whatever can be transmuted. All the alloys will be burnt out leaving only the pure gold. In this vast consciousness, there is no strong sense of individuality to begin with – that is to say when we are just touched by it.Read more