Mobile images, endless dreams,
Lives and faces, love, tears and laughters,
A rain – the desert blooms, the wind spreads flavors,

An abundance, arms and legs dancing,
Souls embracing, slow fire, ardent fire, bitter fire,
The night falls, silence is filled with memories.
At dawn, the long epic of the past is buried in the sand.
Time erases the least trace …
Dream, fancy, magic, mystery?
Behind the constant mobility, Somebody hides!
One sees the face in a flash of lighting, a charming moment.
In noises one hears the crystalline roar of laughter.
A hand, a sweetness comes on the heart – ecstasy.
A hole in the consciousness allows to pass
A waterfall of light golden, white, all the colours.
Horizons burst, get lost in a living infinity.
Eternity dressed in images, in shadows, in ephemereal paintings,
Nothing is false … Everything is real …
A Mystery, a supreme, intimate, inconceivable Divinity
Soul of our soul. Only she exists infinitely, eternally.
Power, consciousness, beauty, bliss in the peace,
A harmony which contains the Whole.
O Mother Mysterious, smiling, magnificent,
Be welcome in the world, in the temple of my life.
There is nothing here or somewhere else
But only You, smiling Mother.


Niranjan Guha Roy