O my soul burn forever in an ecstasy of surrender, call the graceful, the wonderful Mother divine. Prepare so that She may descend and choose to live forever on the lotus throne of our heart, so that our life become a song of deathless joy, a dance of victorious ecstatic forces an epic poem of marvel and wonder and adoration and discovery of the mysterious mother divine.
O soul, my soul aspire forever. Do not worry about the dark and long days, the privations and agonies, even for the worst perversities that our human nature may hold. These are trifles for the fire of aspiration will consume everything till only gold is left . Aspire forever, use any name, any form, any prop for support whatever helps to climb. O my soul become the unvacillating luminous burning torch burning godward. Burn in ecstasy for this is thy fulfilment
Rise, rise my soul higher and higher and still higher till the earth its troubles and worries and dreams and future, the stars, the galaxies come to a vanishing point and disappear. Rise, rise, rise ever higher to the transcendent reality, the eternal’s evelasting unchanging felicity.
Widen, widen and expand ever, more break down all the barriers, intolerant, dreadful, violent frontiers which separate man from man, man from the rest of creation and holds him prisoner in his dark dungeon of ego. Widen and expand evermore, demolish the last vestige of separation between the earth, the sun, the moon and the incalculable stars. O my soul expand evermore, go beyond the last frontiers of space, live in the unbound ever free, in the spaceless, timeless, immesurable single pulsation in the heart of love of the Mother Divine. Become one with the timeless spaceless ocean of love. Hold the whole creation in your warm embrace

Find your soul which is always one with the divine then dream. The dreamers create the new world, dreaming god’s own dream.


Niranjan Guha Roy