The executive Force

The executive Force
A new perception has dawned on me. The world, especially the human life is governed by what we call Nature or in philosophical terms by the Executive Force presiding over the lower hemisphere of consciousness comprising of mind, life and matter. The humanity is practically totally moved by this Nature-Force, Prakriti “as if mounted on a wheel,” in the language of the Gita. We respond automatically, spontaneously, naturally to Her, Mother-Nature. Spirituality essentially belongs to the higher hemisphere over which presides the Divine Mother, the Divine Nature, the Divine Force. Above the intellect there are ranges of mind which are spiritual or gnostic in principle – higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind and the overmind. The spiritual movement in the world finds its force and inspiration from these domains. Though they are spiritual in principle, they are ineffective in transforming into the Divine image, our humanity. These powers still belong to the mind, as such to the ignorance, though they prepare us for a spiritual life. These powers have been unable to transform earth life into a divine life. Beyond the last frontiers of overmind, lie the regions of eternal Truth based on the absolute Oneness, peace, power, light, joy, perfection and harmony. The domain of Mother Nature extends to this last frontier of ignorance where ignorance is shot through and through with the rays of the Sun of Truth. When we cross into the Truth Consciousness, the Supramental consciousness, there is a complete breakaway from the Mother-Nature and now we are directly under the sovereignty of the Super-Nature or the Divine Mother-Force. We have entered the higher or luminous hemisphere and are under its effective transforming influence. The divine Force pours into us from the luminous regions of the Sun and transforms whatever it meets in our consciousness. If everything in us were capable of receiving and assimilating this Force, then there would be a sudden or quick miraculous change and transformation. So the Force, the superconscient consciousness descends in us by slow degrees, does its work in a gradually phased process.
When our normal consciousness will respond naturally, spontaneously to the Divine Mother, Super-Nature, then we will pass from the domination of the lower Nature to the rule of the Divine Nature. In the true consciousness, we are always conscious of the Divine as the sole reality, the sole existence, the only Will in movement, the One infinite and eternal. There is no ego, no sense of separation from the Divine All. When everything in us would respond naturally to the Divine, to the Supreme Executive Force, then we will have crossed the dividing line of the highest mind and entered into the domain of the eternal Truth.
Then our will is one with the Divine Will, our life a spontaneous working out of His vision, our mind the home of an authentic light, our body a temple of the Divine Mother, our soul an active center of radiating divine consciousness. We are moved effortlessly, spontaneously in perfect peace, joy and harmony by the Divine Super-Nature. This is the perfection we seek. We shall then no longer painfully labor and struggle to live according to the law of Truth for we will become a simple expressiof the Truth. Until we reach this spontaneous perfection whatever else we realise is fragile and unstable, spiritually unsatisfactory, a boring repetition of the old game.
O Mother Divine, establish your powerful Sovereignty irrevocably over our entire being. This is our constant prayer. May we cease to be animal and become divine.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1982

The physical presence of the Mother

Niranjan Guha Roy 1984
Letter to a friend
I came to the Ashram in June, 1946 finally to stay. From that day, I had a sense of total security in the physical Presence of the Mother. She gave a perfect stability to my material existence. I have passed through many long periods of hesitation and great inner difficulties, which is quite natural in any process of yoga. But this sense of utter protection and stability never left me, even in my darkest days. She was the visible symbol of absolute assurance. As far as I was concerned, I had the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong for She was there physically. In reality, I had very little physical contact with the Mother. I had no need for it, for in my inner consciousness She was always there and She is always there. But when She left the body in November, 1973 it was as if I lost the plank under my feet. That sense of absolute security and stability which came from Her physical Presence disappeared. I felt like an orphan, without parents or a home. Though in my consciousness She was fully present always, though I met Her so often in dreams, though I felt how She helped, protected and guided our life in a very material way, nothing satisfied me. That most reassuring physical protection was absent. There was nowhere any symbol of physical protection and stability, as if we were at the mercy of the world. This physical separation created a searing despair in the being, especially in the body. The soul remained unconsoled even with the constant perception of the One.
Recently something magnificent has happened. I have found the same reassuring physical Presence of the Mother as concrete as before, perhaps even more, for it is eternal, for it is the Eternal Mother, She who forever is. There is no one else, nothing else. I do not have to seek Her, I do not have to imagine Her. There She is, always with Her most reassuring unveiled Presence. That lost sense of protection and stability has come back. Once again, nothing can go wrong for She is there, more concrete, real and tangible than this material universe. I am no longer an orphan. I have found the Mother. I feel no one, nothing can touch me. She is there. She has the absolute control over everything in the most physical way. She alone is the only durable physical Presence.


The eternal Law

We have only to open our eyes to discover with wonder
The same eternal law holding together all creation around a centre.
The electrons spin around a nucleus, the gopis dance around krishna,
The honeybees are wiser than human beings,
All is centered around their Queen.
When our separate notes revolve in harmony around the Mother
Then we discover our indivisible oneness in Her
And the thousand scattered rays return to the immortal Sun.


Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alov

The period of preparation

Niranjan Guha Roy -1991
The period of preparation
Two aspiring souls were sitting for years in meditation hoping to have Darshan of Kali. Then Kali appeared in all her Power and grandeur. One of the sadhaks got terribly frightened and lost his mind. The other one did pranam to Kali with love and devotion and then with folded hands asked Kali why his friend went mad. Kali replied with a kind smile: You too have lost your mind many times before. Now you are ready to bear my Presence. He will be all right next time. After blessing him, Kali disappeared.
The moral of the story is that there is a long period of preparation. If the soul – the Godhead in us raised his head a little prematurely, our outer being may not be able to stand the pressure or the change demanded. If there is an attitude of love and surrender in us, then we are really safe. Whatever the situation, a surrender with love and confidence to the Mother is the highest protection and no harm can ever possibly come from it. Then the Mother takes care of everything. By the act of surrender, we become progressively conscious of the Divine Mother.
There is a tremendous pressure of the Truth consciousness on the entire earth. Men everywhere are entrenched in a blind egoism. All the fight everywhere is to preserve and protect sectional interests. Each one is fighting to preserve his identity, his separate distinctiveness and impose it on others. But inwardly a sense of unity, a feeling of spiritual oneness is also growing all the time. Because we feel consciously the indivisible oneness of the Spirit, these battles and struggles for egoistic affirmation seem to us all the more absurd and painful.
When there is a calamity of a general order, an earthquake, a huge fire, an appalling accident, etc., people for a moment forget their egoism and collaborate willingly. But as soon as things become all right, we return to dog eat dog normality. It is not Nature who is producing these accidents. Blind huge elemental occult forces of division are trying in every way to prevent the unifying action of the divine consciousness. As the sense of unity will increase, these disruptive forces will become less and less effective.
The most powerful way to annul the violence of these blind forces is to become a living centre of divine unity, in other words to become possessed by her consciousness of absolute oneness. Then there will be more and more a tremendous pressure on all the forces of division and an awakening of the hidden sense of unity which already exists in essence. In other words, by surrendering to the Mother Divine we can actively participate in the unification of the world. Even in a very personal way, once we are surrendered to the Mother no wind, fire or tide can touch you, harm you. We must have faith in the Mother.
We enjoy Her protection, when we live in Her Light.

The Divine Ananda

The Divine Ananda
There is a Sanskrit word, Dooksham. It means sorrow, suffering, discontentment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, sadness, and affliction. It is a state of total absence of joy or Ananda. This state is the inevitable lot of the mental-vital man. All the great spiritual leaders have perceived this fundamental unavoidable situation of man. That is why almost all the religions until now have promised man a heaven after death in the beyond. That hasn’t changed the situation at all. Perhaps in some cases this promise has made the life a little tolerable.
There is another word in Sanskrit, Sookham. It means joy, pleasure, happiness, comfort and felicity. It is said in the Upanishads that there is behind all creation on earth a secret felicity, Ananda, sustaining all. That is why creatures live and are able to go through even unimaginable suffering and agony sustained as they are by the Divine Ananda. That is why in the midst of this general suffering there is at every instant a search for pleasure and happiness. I saw an Italian film long time back about a shantytown. It was snowing, people were cold and hungry and as soon as a spot of sunlight fell on the area, people ran and huddled together for a few seconds in the warmth of the fugitive sun. All life is like that. Goaded by the relentless sorrow and suffering the soul of man seeks Amritam, the divine nectar of immortal Felicity, blissful Immortality. So we find a prayer, an agonized cry, coming from the profoundest depths of the human soul, “Take us from death to Immortality.” The most ancient mystics were aware of this blissful immortality, a felicitous immortal existence, so the call for the beyond had a certain truth in it. But the Divine didn’t create the world and send suffering as His blessings to push everyone out of this untransformable sorrowful earth towards the blissful immortal existence in some absolute beyond. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother tell us that we need not leave the earth in order to taste Amritam elsewhere. This Divine Bliss, the felicitous nectar can be brought down from the hidden heavens and made to flow into the very fibres and cells of our body. The Immortal Consciousness can be realized here in a human body on the earth. Dooksham can be totally effaced by the downpour of Amritam. First, once we are flooded by this heavenly nectar, all sorrow and suffering will cease forever in the consciousness, then in the life reactions and finally in the body. It is as yet a very difficult endeavour to bring this immortal nectar into the cells and fibres, flesh and bones of the body.
First the mind, then the life, then the subtle physical and finally the body would be transformed and released forever from the grip of the universal sorrow, Dooksham. It is the descent of the Anandamayi, the blissful Divine Shakti Power progressively as a cascade from above that will transform the sorrowful earth into the image of the eternal Brindavan, the home of Felicity.
This is what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are accomplishing for the entire earth. Thrice blessed the fortunate souls who have chosen the Mother and Sri Aurobindo as their refuge, master, guide, friend, leader, mother and lord, the sovereign.
OM Namo Bhagavate
OM Douce Mère
OM Sri Aurobindo
OM Janani Amritamayi
OM Amritamaya Purushaha
Personally, the more I let go, the better I feel, becoming a more and more a useful player in the great symphony directed by the Mother.
Niranjan Guha Roy- 1991

One Constant Theme

Niranjan Guha Roy 1984
Letter to a friend
As you have noticed, I am changing plans as often as the moon changes its position. But all through, there is one theme, which is constant , the body and its transformation to whatever degree possible by spiritual and material means. In the ordinary life nowadays, people have become very health conscious all over the world. It is the sign of an evolutionary progress. It is the result of a new divine Power active in the earth atmosphere. But for us, this is not enough, for the body remains still bound to ignorance, closed to the Divine Power and consequently closed to new spiritual possibilities and capacities. The Divine can be experienced in the soul, mind and the vital. These are now accomplished facts in the terrestrial existence. Now the body has to experience the Divine in a very material way. In any case, first one has to become aware of the Divine in any part of the being, the soul, mind or life. Some people begin this yoga with spiritual experience in their body. The whole of the Agenda of the Mother is a record of her experiences in the body. It is this aspect of the yoga which has the most fascinating attraction for me, as I am a true spiritual materialist. As a matter of fact, my sadhana began with the body and unless the spiritual consciousness is materialised in the body, opening new possibilities and capacities, I feel our spiritual endeavor remains incomplete. On the other hand, I know if our body could become receptive to the great spiritual powers, then almost the impossible is possible. For us there is no choice. We must explore the possibilities, realise whatever is possible at the moment. Our attempt will pave the way for success later on. The Divine Mother Herself is our living guide and the transforming power. Music and dance are only means.
Now perhaps you will understand us a little, why we are always thinking of a Studio of films, dance, and physical education. The body has to be trained, prepared with aspiration and discipline to receive and retain the Divine Force for the effective transformation of the body consciousness. This is the first indispensable step and our preoccupation at this stage.