The most brilliant and even the most sympathetic human beings
Have not been able to create even a small world of peace, unity, harmony and joy.

Not the mind, not even a generous vital consciousness
Can create peace and harmony in human life, in a community.

It is only through the development of the inmost psychic being
And its emergence and government that it can create a unified being composed
Of a large number of mental vital physical personalities and forces.

Average man is by his nature unstable, he has no control over his life and action.
He is moved all the time by deep-seated contradictory elements and his ego.

Only in a minority of human,the psychic being is sufficiently developed
Though not yet a king in full control of his kingdom.

Only the supramental power and consciousness can make the psychic being fully conscious
And powerful enough to become the leader of all the elements in him.

It is only the supramental power manifesting in the psychic being
That can fundamentally change the human nature and consciousness
Into a luminous divine being with divine nature and consciousness.

The psyche is waiting for an auspicious hour to wake up
In a new world of incredible wonder and irresistible fascination.

Niranjan Guha Roy