When Thou art there ,what need have I of anything else,
Foy You are the unimaginable, inexhaustible Splendor
And Treasure eternal infinite.
Give us shelter in a little corner of Your mansion,
Boundless, immeasurable, timeless, breathing living body
Of the bodiless One.

Amazement upon amazement piled sky high, blissful.
O Lord, Thou art all, each one, everyone and ever.
There is no one apart from Thee here or anywhere.
All is Thy play.
An eternal unending felicity binds us all in Thy embrace

You send down the rays of a New sun
Penetrating our brain, every cell of our body.
As our surrender grows, You pour Yourself more and more
Into our heart, mind, body and soul
And become the luminous, blissful, compassionate
Sovereign of our life.

When we feel the thrill of immortal bliss in all touches,
When we see nothing, no one but the supreme auspicious
Divine Presence, the unique Reality, infinite, eternal,
The ever triumphant Sweet Mother and Her own incalculable selves,
Then and then only we are free.


N. Guha Roy