As I am entering more and more in the true consciousness, becoming more and more aware of the Divine, more and more I am moving away from the human affairs and the human world.  Our life and action are natural expressions of our state of consciousness.  An ant lives the life of an ant.  A sparrow builds its nest without learning how to do it from anybody.  In short, man cannot be anything but man as long as he lives in the mental, vital consciousness. Of course, there are gradations within the human consciousness – from the animal man to the enlightened man, but the fundamental character of man, the mental being remains unaltered.  He lives in duality, in division and a separatist consciousness.  Good and bad, ugly and beautiful, kind and cruel, selfish and unselfish, life and death, etc., ad infinitum.  The very substance of mind is based on division and its highest effort is to construct a unity and oneness.  By its very nature, it is impossible for mind to achieve any unity.  Whereas in the spiritual consciousness, Oneness, indivisible Oneness, the One who is All, the all-containing, all-pervading Spirit, is the very substance of the consciousness.  When you live in the spiritual consciousness there is no conflict, no division, but a natural Oneness, an infinite Presence manifested in countless forms and bodies.  Man’s consciousness by its very nature is conflictual – a constant clash of interests on a thousand levels, mental, vital, material, cultural, religious, political, etc., with others and within himself.  So man, unless he rises to a spiritual consciousness will always suffer the consequences of his limited and divided consciousness.  There is only one solution to all the problems individual and collective – to rise to a luminous consciousness above the mind.   Our only work is to establish in ourselves the spiritual consciousness as solidly, as totally as possible.   As more and more souls enter the spiritual life and try to realise the great Ideal set before us by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, a new world emerges, governed by unity and harmony and divine love.  This new world will have a purifying, tranquilizing effect on the human world.  So if we are truly concerned with the well-being of humanity, then, we ourselves must embody the unitary divine consciousness and manifest it through peace and harmony and divine love.  In other words, if we want to save the world, then we must practice the yoga sincerely and intensely in our life.  To work for saving an untransformed humanity cannot be a wise undertaking.  With the descending light of the Sspramental consciousness, the earth will be purified.  What cannot change will gradually disappear.  That portion of humanity which will be able to receive and assimilate the Light, will be gradually transformed.

Let us concentrate on the Divine and allow Him to do his work in us and shape us in his vision into beautiful instruments to play his sonatas, concertos and symphonies.

1991 N Guha Roy