The Mother is an embodiment of perfection in the world of relativity. Whatever She does or She says is a frontal aspect of truth. All Her words, if ever even a fragment is conserved by a chronicler, are statements of the Supreme Truth. Each word, each action is an eternity expressed in the infinitesimal. Whatever She does is to prepare us, to lead us to light. There is nothing like “rejected by the Divine,” because there is nothing which is not Divine. I can see in the space-time continuum, in this cosmos of relativity and mutability, each point in time and space has got the Real-Idea in its heart working. Only in time in the field of space, the Real-Idea slowly reveals itself eternally and ever progressing. At each point I see the eternity and the infinity. I see such a concrete and massive unity that nothing is really separate and there is nothing like separate movement. It is utterly one movement, supported by one consciousness and working out one purpose. In this field of unity, that which helps to maintain the separative knowledge or knowledge of a limited self to the exclusion of all others is the Maya, the Yoga Maya of the Divine. This is the splendour of splendours, the supreme miracle Being, One and yet to be entirely, exclusively and eloquently separate and different, to be concentrated on a simple self in a field of myriad selves.

Niranjan Guha Roy