The Bells announce the victory

Far away from this civilisation where the money is the king, pleasure the only aim, and success the highlight of life. Far away from the relentless fights,
suicidal competitions, from the passion of the blind pride, far away from a society
dominated by the lord of falsehood,invisible, not recognisable, a group of individuals of another race,superhuman beings still children grow in theLight.Without disturbing desires, they do not look for either money or human comfort,
Conscious of their divinity, they suffer in the animal body. Man is not jealous ofthe cow grazing the luxuriant herb. These beings watch with dismay people running everywhere like fools in search of money, pleasure and imaginary power.
The humanity is their tender cradle, the man and the animal are brothers in the soul. Tormented by the animal nature, his mental consciousness closed to heaven,
man is incapable to see fundamental, universal unity. Conflicts, fights, divisions, fragments, barriers, nations, oppositions, contradictions, others are real to his spirit. Collaboration, association, true brotherhood, union are foreign to him.
He is at ease inside his limits; his happiness lies in a restricted enclosure.

But Nature is never at rest, she lets the people sing their requiem, bathe in the warmth sun of the mortal golden decline. She lets them play in an alley without exit, and advances in giant step on the glittering future towards a happy earth burning with a mystic fire.
The knell rings for the opponent
The bells announce the victory of the Mother.

Nature is only an opaque facade of the eternal Mother,
The supreme force has always directed in detail the great earthly evolution.
She leads all the creation from division towards the unique Origin, the One
From suffering and death towards the immortal felicity of the divine life.