The ant looks for sugar, the bee for nectar;
Cats watch for the mice, the vulture feasts on the corpses,
The sea attracts the sailors, high mountains the fearless climbers,
Forests attract the hunters, the desert sandstorms,
Fruits attract birds, rivers attract fishermen,
Monuments attract tourists;  Gold, adventure and violence.
Music attracts music lovers. Colors fascinate the painters.
The wine draws its fans. The thirst of blood creates the gladiators.
Beauty ignites a war amongst her admirers.
The thirst of power reveals the original beast in man.

Desire is the tyrannical king of all human beings.
Desire is the fire put in man by God in his divine wisdom.
Man roams ceaselessly in search of happiness, always disappointed.
The smoking black fire grows, becomes intense, more and more clear,
Man abandons hunting for a short lived materiel comfort.
The desire becomes more refined; he pursues a less fragile aim.

One day when he has tasted , exhausted all the known happiness,
He turns his glance to the unexplored Infinity, to the Unknown.
The earthly fire becomes a sacred flame which rises towards the sky,
Desire is transformed into burning aspiration for the eternal joy.
The world is supported by the divine Felicity hidden in atoms.

Attracting by His irresistible bliss, the Divinity
Leads all the creation towards the sublime metamorphosis.
The being who tasted only once the nectar of immortality roams no more.

The long, mad, painful search stops.
All in him burns as a single flame, a single appeal:

“Come my Love, my Beloved, O Lord of Bliss.”

The ant does not look anymore for sugar,
It swims in an ocean of nectar.

Niranjan Guha Roy