One thing which has always overwhelmingly surprised me is the birth of a huge tree from a tiny grain. We take the fact as quite natural. To me it is the most mysterious miracle.

To speak in the modern computer language, the birth and growth of the tree, its trajectory from birth to death is programmed in the seed itself. It is so with every variety of life. We are so familiar with this programming that we can easily predict the life history of each living species. If we go back into the past, then we may say that even the appearance of life on earth, in earth, matter is also programmed. Even the formation of material earth out of a fiery gaseous ball was programmed. The same thing can be said about a constellation, even about the material universe. Just as a man has appeared through a long evolution as the result of an original inbuilt programme or prevision, so too a superior being may appear out of the human race. We have some great examples. If so he too is programmed. In spiritual language, becoming or manifestation is the progressive unfolding of the inherent divinity, of the Supreme Consciousness which is beyond all space, time and dimension. There is a Supreme Will at the origin, effective, active, invariably absolute in power at every stage of evolution, in every field of manifestation. The Universe is at each instant as it is intended to be. At every instant the supreme programme is worked out perfectly in the minutest detail. Here we can note the words of the spiritual seers in India. “Not even a blade of grass can move without His sanction.” As we rise into the divine consciousness according to a sempiternal programme, we become conscious of the One Will, the Supreme and His consciousness and see that the infinite eternal, endless manifestation in infinite dimensions is the constant unfolding or working out of His Will, His programme, His play, His joy of being and becoming. The human being carries in himself evolved through ages the seed of divinity, the Divine spark, the soul. This soul is programmed to develop and grow and inevitably divinise the mind, life and body. It is the emergence of the soul of man as the leader of man that triggers off another series of occult and spiritual programmes. The soul obeys the Divine impulse naturally and in the measure we respond correctly to the Divine impulse we become progressively divine. When our surrender is complete, when the whole being readily responds to the Divine, we become aware of the Absolute Origin, the sole Divine Reality and are moved only by that and see and experience only the Eternal in infinite forms in infinite dimensions of time and space. Thy Will be done. Sri Aurobindo says that if we can rise to the highest ranges of Supermind, then we can see the future as plainly as the past. Since it is all programmed, our efforts, sufferings, deceptions, glimpses of hope, aspiration and growth, all we have to do is to increase our power of acceptance of whatever comes in the divine dispensation. As our surrender grows, the willingness to obey and follow the Divine Will, the Impulse, the Intuition, we enter into a state of peace and harmony. We have the living experience of a sure friendly guidance.
Our road does not lead to worldly achievements, gains, name, fame or glory. These are human things. By all paths we meet the Divine. Every meeting, each happening, each moment becomes an opportunity for a divine experience, meeting the nameless Person, the Eternal.