There is only one choice left to us when nothing in the world can help us – to turn to the Divine Mother and Her infinite Grace.

No money can save us. No human being, however powerful and influential, can bring any real help. I do not have any power, occult or spiritual, nor do I have any faith in any god. I don’t know any nor do I care to know one. When things are hopeless, when I see no hope, no issue, one Face appears bright and smiling, comforting and reassuring, simple and loving, the Face of the most reliable Friend, the Mother. Other faces however wonderful fade away as ephemeral passing waves. The whole existence becomes unreal, blurred, only one Face remains bright, shines ever luminously as the only thing real, eternal, unalterable, ever near and intimate in this vast, stupendous changing scene, forever unstable. Even if this Image were a mirage, I would hold on to it. This is the Face of Someone who is unbelievably good, gentle and absolutely reliable, who has no other consideration except our highest good, who accepts us as we are with the deepest love and understanding. In life and death, through all existence, this is the single Face which is permanent, always with us. As we contemplate the Face, it melts into a sweetness and pours itself into our whole being and wipes away all traces of suffering. In a last desperate struggle when we have lost everything, when our body is dying, consciousness is lost in oblivion, in one feeble final reflex action our hand seeks a Hand and finds Hers. She is always with us inside and outside, everywhere. She never leaves us. She never lets anyone down. I am not sure of my existence, my continuity, for that matter, of anybody’s existence or continuity. I am a bubble among other bubbles on the infinite Ocean of vibrating compassion, love and sweetness, that living body of unfathomable Godhead … the Mother. There is no one, nothing in existence in any dimension except that soothing pulsation pervading All and Beyond, the Mother