If we want to build a better world we must do the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and surrender our life, mind, body and soul to the Eternal Mother, Mahashakti.

The Mother is the presiding Spirit.
Sri Aurobindo our vision and inspiration

The yoga of Sri Aurobindo is the greatest challenge to daring aspiring souls. Even a few sincere seekers with the Mother’s Light, Love and Force would be able to bring peace, harmony, joy in this world of ignorance suffering and violence

May we offer our life mind body and soul to Sri Aurobindo, Master of yoga and to the Divine Mother unconditionally in love faith and humility.
May we ever be grateful to them never forget their constant help and guidance.

Our aim is to find the true Centre of our existence common to all of us: the Divine, the Supreme Mother, the One, the Brahman;

True spiritual unity, fraternity independant of all outward circumstances will be normal to our consciousness when we shall see the One in all, when we shall spontaneously feel the Presence of the Mother everywhere, every soul as a portion, a child of the Great Mother.

The real success in spiritual life is the vision of the Divine, the Eternal in all beings and things and beyond all manifestation constantly and normally Vasudeva sarvam. There is nothing no one outside the Divine.

Each one for the Mother.
All together for the Mother.

Niranjan Guha Roy