Our effort must be to remember the Divine at all times, in all circumstances in action and at every waking moment of our life. Then in course of time the remembrance will gradually extend in our sleep as well. But that would take a very long time. If we succeed in remembering the Mother during any action we may be doing we would feel a general weakening of all resistance to the Divine in the mind, especially the vital and then the body consciousness. This will permit a better receptivity of the Mother’s Force from above and a better and stronger inner awakening of the soul. The psychic being will come out from behind the veil and be more prominent in our active consciousness. Those who have in any way accepted Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as their spiritual Guides and Teachers are certainly more evolved beings than the common man.

What is the greatest difficulty on the way to our realization of the Divine? We all know more or less what is demanded from us by the yoga, what we must do to follow the yoga, we all know more or less our spiritual obligations and duties and conditions laid down by the yoga. What prevents us from achieving our aim and goal is not so much our incapacity but our unwillingness to leave behind the familiar ways and habits. In short, especially the vital refuses to give up its favorite haunts . Now in the process of yoga we come to a serious point. The soul, the psychic being inside gets stronger and brighter by the influx of the Mother Force from above, now powerfully active in the earth atmosphere but the outer physical being refuses to budge an inch, like the obstinate donkey who says, “tempt me with as many carrots as your want but I won’t give up my favorite field of thistles.” Well something has to give in, either the divine power must withdraw and the psychic stop growing or the donkey must move forward, otherwise an explosion is inevitable. And that is happening in everyone without exception under the pressure of the supramental consciousness dominating the earth evolution. Either give in to the Divine or disappear, get blown up, lose the balance . This is the inevitable process of the change-over from the human to the divine consciousness. Of course, it is not possible to change our habits overnight, but if a good beginning is made, not just a pious unfulfilled resolution to follow the Divine, then one is more or less safe and enjoys the protection of the Mother who will give us strength and protect us on the upward way. She will change our weakness into strength and power if only we wish to belong to Her in all sincerity. She will take out all the painful spines in our flesh, one by one and release us into Her light, peace, joy and beauty.

To conclude, it is for our own safety on the road that we should do what we know as the right and the best thing to be done, not to postpone it indefinitely but set our teeth and with all our courage, take the decisive step forward to belong truly to the Mother. This is what She expects from us and this is what will make Her happy in our relation with Her. We must not keep Her waiting.

Om Douce Mère, help me to overcome my obstinate resistance.

Om Sri Aurobindo, our kind and benevolent Teacher, be with us always.


N.Guha Roy