A new Power has inaugurated a new age; a new earth is taking shape. The old huge edifice of human creation is condemned, may fall any day. The familiar human world with its load of falsehood is crumbling. Man lives in a cabined consciousness, cut off from the totality of the One. All his limited values, his burden of love and hate, his preferred creeds, his attachment to family, nation and religion, his tribal allegiance, his favorite town, his sacred homeland, the very ground under his feet, nothing is any longer sure. He is forced out of his safe retreat, his smug rat hole. The problems of the wide world break his backbone. No place is too far from home. A few words said in a whisper in some inaccessible corner make him sit up all night. He lives in a glass case, open to all curious gaze. He can hide no more.
Overnight he is in the limelight, on the morrow his corpse is forgotten. Trains, planes, boats and cars, husbands, wives and children,  friends and enemies, parties and leaders, nothing moves in schedule.

Bizarre, bizarre, things are going faster and faster breaking necks. The old world is crumbling to pieces, underneath a new edifice. Invisible to the human eye is rising, majestic indestructible, a new Power dominates the world from behind the veil of ignorance. The self-centered humans are forced to work out the divine Plan. The true children of God enjoy absolute protection, are growing on earth here and there, growing towards a higher and brighter Light. Man’s egoism, his obstinate, violent ignorance will disappear gradually from earth’s surface, he too shall awake to divinity. No one is punished, rejected, imprisoned or destroyed.

An immortal soul inhabits a death-bound clay body. The wall between the soul and the outer man is pulled down. The new race, children of the Great Mother will live in union, in peace and harmony with the entire creation, all living beings. Each one will be a partner of the other one with no wall in between.
God’s oneness will bind each soul to all without any recoil, shining beads strung together on a sacred thread, strong and pure, a rosary of God, each bead getting His blessings during his musing.

Om Sri Aurobindo, Om Douce Mere. Om Sachidananda.
As the soul personality, the psyche becomes partly supramentalised, an impossible dream seems to be realisable in a not so distant future.  The psyche refuses to go through the animal process of normal birth,
For its return to earth, it must find a new way to avoid the door of hell and a long period of impotence and semi-consciousness of a child. To be born again in a human family seems like returning to a barbarian age.

A divine body of luminous substance is slowly crystallising inside. Several centuries are needed for its complete formation to say the least. Unless we find a way to prolong life at will, the growth is much delayed. The body, the outer casing of the psyche must be radically transformed.  New subtle occult spiritual means must be discovered lying hidden in the chakras, the power of materialisation from subtle planes.  The knowledge of new energy imprisoned in the body cells, atoms of matter contain nuclear energy; we must discover what is there at the heart of the living cells of our body, how it can be released,
made the dynamic means of a new progressive radical metamorphosis. Only the descent of the supramental Light and Force can effectuate this formidable mutation, if the body could bear the touch of supermind.
The outer frame must be trained through a long illumined discipline to receive and retain the divine power and light and felicity . The penetrating rays of Supermind will release the imprisoned Shakti,
the Mother Force in the body cells, at some stage of saturation. The mind, life and subtle body must have undergone previously as near a complete transformation before the cells would respond.

This is the work we have to envisage as the most essential central, key to the rest, for the manifestation of a divine race on earth. No human power however great can bring down supermind. A complete unreserved surrender of our life, mind, body and soul to the Divine Mother and Her force will open the way for the descent of Her supreme ananda which alone has the transmuting power.

May Her Will be realised in every part of our being, in every cell.
May our whole being become a single flame of aspiration, O Mother Divine.

If we start shouting and dancing when we see a pinhead of Light, how can we ever hope to reach the sun without exploding on the way? Our mind, life and body must be immobile like a himalayan tower,
To receive the world transmuting vehement crushing torrents of force. Training of the body, mind, life and soul under the guidance of the Supreme Shakti is the work of the aspirant of the life divine on earth, his sacred duty.


Niranjan Guha Roy