Once we learn to hand over the responsibility of our life and its thousand changing circumstances to the Divine, who is no other than our highest Self, then there is less confusion, less stress and strain and the being acquires a state of permanent relaxation inside and outside. More and more I realise that what we do is far less important than what we become. We must remain open to the Mother Force as much as possible, for this we must be peaceful, free from useless emotional upheavals and the flood of uncoordinated thoughts. We must become simple The big world problems and their solutions are far too big for us anyway. Some things we seem to know but most of the things we do not know. This acceptance of wide ignorance is a relieving wisdom. Let us admit that we know very little of anything. Then a new light will grow and another vision of the existence will be revealed to us, unknown to man ‑ the mysterious Divine Presence eternal and unfathomable.

Let us pray for peace in the being.

N.Guha Roy 1984