I felt the Divine wants to pour down his transforming felicity through my instrumental being.  I played the organ, at the same time a thousand orchestras seemed to be playing.  I don’t know what others heard.  This music was filling the whole earth and sky, the whole creation.  I myself never heard such powerful harmonious, intolerable felicity.  When I played I was not playing, it was a tremendous power of harmony flowing through me, playing through me.  All I can say, I do not know how I have survived.  It was only by the grace of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo constantly present protecting me, so that I would not explode.  I can hardly sleep because of the vibrating presence of that force.

Now the body has slowly regained a stability, but at times that power suddenly invades the whole being.  It is not a suffering, but a flow of unbearable currents of the supreme divine love and gratitude.  Now I feel the body won’t break down, it is becoming more peaceful by the downpour of a pacifying force.  That power behind of supreme harmony, is always there.

The body and the inner being are arriving at a peaceful harmonious equilibrium.  There are no problems, no violence, no suffering, no division.  All is felicitously divine.  Life has become a constant adoration of the Mother, the One and Infinite.  Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are incarnations of the Supreme Divine with all His power and splendour hidden behind the thick veil of the human figures.  This is really the image of a giant ocean liner or battleship driven by a hundred thousand or more horsepower – packed into a tiny miniature motor boat.  So my conclusion – the supramental manifestation is not a question of speculation, it’s simply the invincible will of the Supreme Being worked out in time.  They are preparing instruments, trying to transform these fragile frames to hold some radiance of the Sun.  It is a long, long work, the earth matter is very weak – perhaps thousands of years to prepare new bodies for the new manifestation, in loving surrender to the Mother Divine present in the psychic being, and following Her luminous guidance with all our heart, mind, life, body and soul.  This is the foundation of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.


Niranjan Guha Roy