When we are young and full of energy we do not think of our body, we utilise it thoughtlessly, in the most careless way, drive it like a racing horse or a rocket forgetting the extreme fragility of the human body. During the last war when I was a pilot, I realised that my body was the weakest part in the plane. The mind and the vital push the body like a slave driver without ever considering its limits and its modest demands. Once we are passed sixty, seventy we begin to realise the extreme fragility of the body. With the growing age we become gradually immobilised. The spirituality has always condemned the body and the tragic life on earth – the body and the earth cannot be transformed. All our dreams and visions of a better world must end in the death of the body. As a matter of fact, the health of the strongest man is precarious, at any moment anything can happen – accidents or diseases can break the body. So is there no hope of a better body? Sri Aurobindo says, yes there is hope. In a future evolution a body will appear which will be free from fatigue, disease and decay with old age, even death at will will be possible, one could prolong the span of life at will. All this will come by following a new psychic spiritual physical discipline. Unless the psychic being is sufficiently developed through evolution, this transformation may not be possible. When we become conscious of the Supreme Spiritual reality, the primordial creative power, supramental Mahashakti through the psychic being, then by a progressive surrender to the Mother Divine there is a possibility of having a partial transformed body. The mind and the vital being must be already much transformed by the Divine Force through the intervention of the psychic being, then only the Divine Force can work on the transformation of the body cells. This is a very long, laborious and difficult discipline with its ups and downs, but Sri Aurobindo says that however difficult it may be, there is no other way of transforming the body.

The Divine help is always there, will always be there for all those who undertake this strenuous difficult journey under the leadership of the supramental Mahashakti, our Mother. This is the work She has undertaken to accomplish in whatever degree possible as Her next step in the evolution of the Gnostic being.

Om Mother Divine, may our surrender be perfect.

Give us faith and trust in Your luminous leadership.

Om Sri Aurobindo, Pranam, pranam, pranam

July/25/04 N. Guha Roy