God is all, All is in God, each and everyone, everything is God.
Whatever may be the form or nature, inert or active, disguised, masked
Hidden or partly revealed, sleeping or awake, now, yesterday, tomorrow,
Near or far, dead or alive, all existence visible or invisible or extinct,
All is the Divine, sustained by the Divine, inhabited by the Divine.
If there is a Nothingness, a Void, a Nihil, that too is filled with the Divine.

All exists in God’s body, like the incalculable fishes and animals in the ocean.
Each insect, animal, fish, aquatic bird is a mystic symbol of the ocean.
They have no existence without the ocean, but the existence of the ocean
Does not depend on all it contains yet the germ of all life hides in its womb.
The evolution is the gradual awakening and ascent of the sleeping God,
Towards his own supreme heights covered with silent dazzling light.

God in man has become a conscious seeker of his endless perfection,
Keeps the man running without respite, makes his heart burn with desire,
Feeds him with a strong brew of discontent to the edge of precipice.
The Godhead in the immortal soul of man grows stronger every moment,
By numberless births and deaths and ever shifting dramas of human life.

When the inner light shines brightly, flooding his mind, life and body
With its transforming radiance, man emerges out of darkness,
Suffering and agony of death into a luminous ocean of divine felicity.
The mortal man steps into a blissful deathless, timeless Infinite life,
One with all creation, all living beings in a clasp of identity,
United in a boundless wordless undeviating divine rapture.
All the man-made barriers of clan, creed, family, race, colour and religion
Like so many chains preventing the mighty soar of his soul simply fade away.
God calls him from all sides, all eyes and flowers, the sun, the moon and the stars,
Soham, soham, soham, I am this one, that one, everyone, love me ever more.

O my Lord, Sweet Mother thrice welcome,

remain with us, so much as yet is to be done.
Thy gracious Will be done, Victory of Thy blissful Love in all yearning souls.

Niranjan Guha Roy 2000